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Steel frame constructions, roofing, panelling

Manufacture and assembly for industry, retail, community and leisure use.

EUROPEAN Steel Technology.



Our state-of-the-art steel is specifically manufactured in accordance with top of the line technologies. Our top quality steel follows very high standards and is awarded with many certifications. We also assure the finest quality assurance and quality control throughout the steel fabrication process.

Using only high quality raw material and machinery, we form the steel particularly to match our customers' needs whether it was hot rolled, cold formed, a combination or a multi-story building with built up sections.

We pride ourselves on our professional team of design engineers and steel detailers, who are committed to execute the finest Structural Design, Connections Design & Full Detailing using advanced software, with the latest universal standards and codes. We will be handling the complete process: Performs Planning, Scheduling, Commercial & Technical Management, Procurement & Logistics, all until Project Completion and Final Handover.

Steel structures here at European Steel Technology include hot rolled steel, the primary element of the structure. First of all, hot rolling is considered as a mill process involving rolling the steel at a high temperature so it can be shaped and made in much larger sizes once it reaches above the recrystallization temperature of the steel.

The beauty of hot rolled steel is that it is cost-efficient since it requires the least amount of processing. In addition, this process is easy for installation and can be galvanized through hot dip galvanization, which is assured to reach all parts of steel structure. Hot rolled steel qualities also include a very high durability for galvanized elements as well as the possibility of being installed and dismantled several times.

Cold formed steel, which is the secondary element of the structure, allows hanging equipment including drinking lines and feeding lines on it. This structure offers stronger wind protection, it is pre-galvanized and is fabricated from galvanized steel sheet with variable thickness. Cold formed steel is noticeably light weight, hygienic and convenient for cleaning, and considerably adaptable when it comes to cladding installations.


Sandwich Panels are structures engulfed with two sheets of metal, either galvanized iron or aluminum, and are injected with PIR / PUR foam in between.

The sheets of metal could also be provided with an antibacterial layer. Specifically, sandwich panels are covered with a thick and low density insulation material, with two thin and high density metal surfaces in the middle.
Structured with more than one thickness, Sandwich Panels are optimal for large installations that require isothermal polyurethane insulation. On a side note, conductivity is a clear indication for a very high insulation in the sandwich panel.

Underlining the production of pre-painted galvanized steel, the sheet is galvanized through a zinc layer glazed between 100 gr/m2 and 275 gr/m2. The hot dipping method is implemented on automated continuous lines which are known as coiling coating.

In confirmation with Sandwich Panels being the right way to go, they are certified as non-flammable and fire resistant in accordance to the DIN standard.  As a bonus, the wall sandwich panel is assembled with hidden screws, emphasizing marvelous aesthetics along with an outstanding system and efficient & easy installation.

It is significant to stress that Sandwich Panels are non-organic, this is important as it would prevent any chance of bacteria breaching, protecting poultry. All houses are also airtight and watertight for high-quality results.