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Based on a strong foundation of experience, European Industrial Technology thrives to present superb quality with the help of its team of engineers and technical support who will achieve excellence within the quickest time possible. We are a group of 3 companies: European Steel Technology, Eurosolar, and FeedTecs, each dedicated to provide exemplary production, services and customer satisfaction.

European Steel Technology services include: civil works, steel structure works, cladding, and equipment for modern poultry production.

Eurosolar delivers turn-key energy solutions for poultry facilities along with a combination of energy generation, storage and management systems which can assure the optimized benefits as well as cost efficiency.

FeedTecs animal nutrition's Premix Plant and Premix Lab uses the latest technologies to bring about sublime quality, which is strengthened by offering professional follow up services for first-rate client satisfaction.


A proud turnkey project supplier, European Industrial Technology also utilizes top technologies for its loyal customers, who are assured to benefit from our exceptional foundation of experience. We are specialized in both industrial and agricultural projects. Our expertise includes building various poultry barns for grandparents, breeders, broiler cages, broiler floor keeping as well as layer cages, hatcheries, slaughterhouses, dairy cows, feed factories, fertilizers, warehouses and all irrigation projects. We are also specialized in dairy farms buildings and equipment.


European Industrial Technology is relentlessly making maximum efforts to provide its finest customer satisfaction. Our target is to spike our clients' production and profit by reviewing various factors, including: geographical factors, weather conditions, energy efficiency and minimum maintenance cost, we also take into consideration the product's type and special needs and so forth. Additionally, we dive into scientific analysis and studies for excellent results. Here at European Industrial Technology, our services are tailored for the needs of each of our clients, as every client is unique and will be granted exactly what they are looking for.


To deliver cutting edge technologies that will take our industry to the next level, to achieve exemplary client satisfaction, and to provide distinguished production and services.

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Our state-of-the-art steel is specifically manufactured in accordance with top of the line technologies. Our top quality steel follows very high standards and is awarded with many certifications. We also assure the finest quality assurance and quality control throughout the steel fabrication process.

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Sandwich Panels are structures engulfed with two sheets of metal, either galvanized iron or aluminum, and are injected with PIR / PUR foam in between. The sheets of metal could also be provided with an antibacterial layer. Specifically, sandwich panels are covered with a thick and low density insulation material, with two thin and high density metal surfaces in the middle.

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Training & after sales services

Our special certified team will provide top-notch training to the clients, who will receive all the needed experiences and information, our clients will be guaranteed to make the best of our products. Furthermore, we take it on us to provide after sales services so as to ensure prime client satisfaction.

Rearing houses, frames and turnkey solutions







Feed mills

Feed Mills

Slaughter house

Slaughter House

Livestock sheds

Livestock Sheds